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J A Harrison stocks and supplies a wide range of Flexitallic products ensuring that whatever your requirement we can meet your material and delivery requirements.

J A Harrison’s Technical knowledge and experience gives you the peace of mind that we will help you select the most appropriate gasket for your application. Working with suppliers such as Flexitallic ensures we have the gasket materials to suit a wide range of industrial and original equipment applications where sealing performance and specification is essential to meet your requirements.
We hold a comprehensive range of Flexitallic SF and AF products. These are fiber reinforced, polymer bound, calendered sheet materials made using traditional manufacturing techniques to provide the appropriate degree of chemical compatibility and sealing performance.
Flexitallic Flexicarb® from J A Harrison is a pure exfoliated graphite material exhibiting excellent sealing characteristics, withstanding a wide range of temperatures, pressures and chemicals. This homogeneous material is free of respirable fibres, binders and additives. Standard grades are 95% to 98% pure, with a nuclear grade available at 99.5% purity. Flexicarb is extremely conformable giving it the ability to flow into flange surface imperfections. Its low permeability and chemical resistance make it an ideal choice as a sealing material. The high purity of Flexicarb is chemically inert to most media. (Note its limitations on oxidizing compounds.) Flexicarb covers a wide temperature spectrum, from cryogenics through elevated temperatures. It can be supplied with an inorganic passivating inhibitor to increase its oxidation and corrosion resistance. Recent experiences and tests have shown that Flexicarb will oxidize over time. Care should be taken when considering the use of Flexicarb foil for applications above 330°C.
J A Harrison hold Flexitallic Sigma® 500 and 511 - Developed for processes ranging from cryogenic temperatures to 260ºC, and suitable for sealing virtually every chemical medium across the entire pH range (0-14), SIGMA pairs the outstanding chemical resistance of PTFE with enhanced dimensional stability to improve overall material stress retention. The non stick properties of the Sigma® range materials offer excellent removal after usage to dramatically reduce the downtime on shutdown. 
Flexitallic Thermiculite® from J A Harrison was developed for use in Critical Services, Thermiculite® gasket material maintains integrity from intense heat to extreme cold and exhibits resistance to aggressive chemicals. No thermal oxidation at service temperatures in excess of 980°C / 1800°F. Applications include Petro Chemicals, Fertilisers and OEM, all of which require extreme process temperatures.
Flexitallic spiral wound gaskets from J A Harrison are semi-metallic products designed for high pressure and temperature applications. We hold stocks of the Flexitallic Style LS (Low Stress) which provides all the superior sealing properties of a spiral wound gasket in a gasket suitable for lightly loaded and/or compromised applications which require a low-stress seal, including class 150 service.

Please call us today to discuss your Gasket Material Requirements on (+44) 0161 832 2282.

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