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High Temperature Gaskets
J A Harrison have a complete range of High Temperature Gasket materials for both small scale and large scale industrial use. Our comprehensive stock of High Temperature gasket materials gives you the flexibility of choosing gaskets that completely meet your requirements.
Good quality and reliable gasket materials are crucial for the smooth functioning of industrial equipment. Many low quality materials decay or lose functionality over time when used under higher temperatures. This can cause repeated financial and productivity loss. In some cases where equipment like large boilers are used, gasket failure can lead to severe disasters and consequent legal action.
At J A Harrison, we use our expertise to stock the best High Temperature Gasket materials for demanding industrial purposes. We hold the highest quality of popular materials like PTFE, Graphite, Cork, Metal and various elastomeric compounds.
Our range of High Temperature materials includes:
  • Pure and filled Graphite Gaskets
  • Pure metal and modified alloy gaskets
  • Non Asbestos and rubber compounds
  • High Performance PTFE and modified filler variants
Graphite and carbon based materials are also excellent performers in chemically harsh environments. Carbon based materials with metal fillers are able to withstand higher temperatures (450°C) and pressures (2800psi).
Some industries make use of metal and metal alloy gaskets for joints and areas where very high pressure endurance is needed. Metal gasket materials can endure almost all possible pressures that currently occur in industrial processes. In addition, they can easily be customized dimensionally and mechanically to suit the requirements of the processes.
Non‐asbestos materials are the most standard form of high‐temperature gaskets. They can be used in common processes that do not require high levels of sophistication and endurance. Non‐asbestos fibres are combined with rubber, fiberglass and other inorganic and organic fibres to produce variants that have different mechanical specifications. Most of these materials withstand temperatures of up to 260°C.
High temperature sealing applications, such as those in waste gas and engine operations, require a gasket material that is capable of maintaining a long term seal at temperatures often in excess of 500°C. At these temperatures conventional gasket materials suffer from rapid thermal degredation which precludes their use as a component in gasket materials.
J A Harrison offer a range of high temperature gasket products capable of withstanding temperatures above 500°C and up to 1000°C. These materials exhibit low weight loss at high temperatures and provide high integrity seals at temperatures beyond the range of conventional gasket materials.
PTFE materials and their variants are very durable in even the most chemically aggressive
applications. They can operate at a wide range of temperatures. Most PTFE materials can withstand up to 230°C. Expanded PTFE can withstand up to 3000psi at up to 230°C.
JA Harrison fabricates custom gasket materials from a range of specialized composites in addition to those mentioned above including ceramic, fibreglass, cork and vegetable fibre.
With the United Kingdom’s best technology at our disposal, we can arrange the materials you need. Depending on your requirements, modified High Temperature Gaskets can be produced cost effectively and efficiently.
Custom made materials can be delivered as sheets and also as finished gaskets depending on your needs.
With over a century of experience, JA Harrison guarantees performance, economy and satisfaction. Please contact our technical team to discuss your requirements.
Please contact our technical team to discuss your requirements on 0161 832 2282
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