Scandura operates a robust and mission-critical approach to the timely delivery of all orders. We are very aware of the effect that late delivery of even the smallest component can have on an assembly or manufacturing process. Scandura pushes this issue to the fore, and in many cases that is what differentiates us from our competitors.

We offer a solid reliable service and like to think of ourselves as a safe pair of hands to which your business may be entrusted.

The continued investment in our support infrastructures ensures a trouble-free, courteous, business relationship.

Our quality system is designed for automotive customers offering traceability and control of the manufacturing processes.

J A Harrison – World Class Supplier of

Manufactured seals and gaskets | Gland packing | PTFE products | Plastic technologies | Industrial textiles | Bellows, compensators and flexible connections | Rubber sheets, gaskets, mouldings and extrusions | Corrugated gaskets and glass lined vessels | Mechanical seals | O Rings | Boiler spares | Allied products