The J A Harrison history

J A Harrison & Company Limited boasts an enviable manufacturing heritage dating back to the foundation of the company. Founded in 1900 by James Arthur Harrison the company was originally established as metal founders and mill furnishers serving the textile industry; a sector that was enjoying significant growth and prosperity at that time.

J A Harrison gaskets
The early J A Harrison certificate

The original premises in the Ardwick area of central Manchester was soon outgrown and the company moved in 1930 to larger premises.

J A Harrison gaskets
Saville St, circa 1959 – J A Harrison’s second factory

A few years later a compulsory purchase order saw Harrisons move to the Strangeways area of Manchester in Sherborne St. As the company continued to expand the factory was extended to cater for increased machinery and required office space.

J A Harrison gaskets
Sherborne St, shortly after the factory extension

In 2017 the company relocated to Middleton, Manchester, into a purpose built, state of the art factory and office complex. The new premises are superbly equipped with all the facilities needed for continued growth. A training room and a testing room have increased the capabilities to supply greater service to customers.

JAHarrison gaskets
J A Harrison’s new state-of-the-art facility in Manchester

Outside of Manchester there is an additional manufacturing facility in Cardiff, providing the required service levels to the south of the country. J A Harrison had expanded rapidly, particularly since 1990, both through generic growth and strategic acquisitions. Consequently, the company now enjoys both a global presence, and an enviable range of gasket and sealing solutions. The great value of these strategic acquisitions is the provision of a vast complimentary range of gasket and associated sealing products, all within one group. The company philosophy of providing an effective ‘solutions driven’ approach to Gaskets and Seals has been at the heart of the company’s considerable growth and success.

In addition to the UK, J A Harrison is heavily involved in manufacturing operations in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and more recently in Perth, western Australia. What started from humble beginnings in Ardwick, Manchester has now become a true global enterprise supplying a growing global market.

Today, J A Harrison provides world class manufacturing of gaskets, seals and sealing technology solutions to companies and OEM’s worldwide; spanning many specialist industry sectors.

In line with this growing global activity, J A Harrison have now completely rebranded the company to reflect their world class status. The newly designed literature is ready for distribution and the rebranded website is currently under construction and will soon go live – the digital showroom for the outstanding
J A Harrison offering.

JAHarrison gaskets
Inside the new state-of-the-art factory