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New website and brand signals move into overseas markets for J A Harrison

jaharrison.pngJ A Harrison this week welcomed the launch of phase one of its new website to mark the re-branding of the company as a global force in the gaskets and sealing products industry.

The crisp site design marks the beginning of a new chapter for the company as it embarks on a strategy to appeal more directly to overseas users of its products.
Seen across these pages, it reveals the history and development of J A Harrison over the past 100 years, explains each market sector served by the company, showcases its new production facility and details J A Harrison’s innovative and responsive approach to producing bespoke and standard-dimension gaskets for the world-leading companies.

Images from the company’s hi-tech installation in Oldham, Greater Manchester were taken to complement the site which has been orchestrated as an information portal for the gasket and seals industry.

A new striking logo emblazoned on the website’s masthead, showing planet earth sealed by a giant gasket, completes the bold design and will carry J A Harrison forward into foreign engineering markets. 

Created by David Antrobus Marketing of Warrington, the site’s ongoing phased development over coming months will see detailed specifications of J A Harrison’s industry-leading products and other technical data added to ‘Applications’ and ‘Resources’ sections, while media coverage of company developments will be linked to an ‘Industry Coverage’ page on the website.

J A Harrison’s managing director Keith Shepherd described the site as “emblematic of the company’s new approach to its customers’ industries.”
He said: “We’ve rebranded the whole group because while the company has been in business for 117 years it has spent most of that time fulfilling orders for its chief competitors and producing products to be packaged and branded by them.

“We respect those business relationships but we also wish to move out of the shadows a little to let industries know that we’re here and we’re the source of many of their high quality sealing products.

“We’re delighted to have a website and brand that can help us do that. We’re at a exciting moment in the company’s already rich history and the site, new logo and all that go with them are visible aspects of that.”

David Antrobus, chairman of David Antrobus Marketing and responsible for overseeing the rebranding of J A Harrison, said: “J A Harrison is a company that truly deserves its new profile. It has been the backbone of the gaskets and seals industry for more than a century.

“Its new facility has put the company firmly on the international stage and the rebranding has given the company the vehicle and confidence it needs to take the products it makes into overseas markets.”