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Klinger | Gaskets and Seals

J A Harrison’s long association with Klinger makes us the preferred choice for Klinger gaskets and products.

We hold extensive stocks of the Klinger range ensuring that whatever your requirement we can meet your material and delivery requirements. Our technical knowledge and experience gives you the peace of mind that we will help you select the most appropriate gasket. We have the gasket materials to suit a wide range of industrial and original equipment applications where sealing performance and specification is essential. We hold a comprehensive range of Klingersil materials composed from a range of fibres with elastomer binderscapable of sealing a wide range of industrial applications with excellent sealing performance. In addition we hold extensive stocks of Klinger exfoliated graphite with either tanged stainless steel insert or foil reinforcement that offer excellent resistance to high temperatures, many chemicals and steam, used for a wide range of industrial sealing applications. Klinger® spiral wound gaskets from J A Harrison are semi-metallic products designed for high pressure and temperature applications.
A variety of forms of the gasket are available and these can be manufactured in various materials or sizes to suit requirements. Klinger® metallic ring joint gaskets (RTJ) from J A Harrison are heavy duty, high pressure gaskets used largely in offshore petrochemical applications. They are precision-engineered components designed to be used in conjunction with precision-machined flanges. All our ring joints are manufactured according to ASME B16.20 and API 6A. We supply a wide range of Klinger® valve and pump packing for a variety of temperature, pressure applications. Packing can be made from many materials to suit a number of applications. The Klinger TopLine range was developed to cater for all applications and allows end users rationalise to a concise range of products. Klinger® Insulating Sets are designed to limit corrosion in pipeline systems and can be specified to suit a range of pressure and temperature conditions. I association with Klinger we can supply the range of Pikotek materials including Pikotek PGE, VCS, Flowlok and Firelok.
We can also supply the PSI Linebacker insulating gasket sets. Klinger® Compression Packings offer a full range of compression packings for valve, rotary pump, and reciprocating pump applications. Material constructions include PTFE, graphite and carbon fibre and synthetic fibres in a variety of combinations for high performance valve applications. We offer exfoliated graphite die formed rings in virtually any size, section or density to suit requirements, we also stock a wide range of extraction tools.

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