Gland packing

We offer a comprehensive range of gland packing, in addition to valve packing. Also known as compression packing its main uses are in pumps, valves, agitators as well as rotary equipment. Furthermore, we stock standard 8 metre coils and hold stocks in longer length upon request. It can also be supplied in plain white boxes if required for re-sale. Moreover, we are pleased to offer the complete range manufactured across the world. We supply our own J A Harrison brand, which is therefore tested and proven in many applications. We supply other brands, for example, Klinger, Flexitallic, James Walker, Teadit and Donit.

J A Harrison also offer die formed graphite rings and preformed rings in all our grades either separate or in sets together with a graphite top and base. We supply chevron sets in graphite, gland packing and pure PTFE, we also carry a full range of expanded PTFE sheet tape and joint seals.

Our main types are as follows, stock from 3mm square to 25mm square:

  • Pure PTFE
  • PTFE and also acrylic
  • Pure graphite
  • Pure graphite with inconel wire reinforcement
  • Pan fibre
  • Pure carbon packing
  • Aramid fibre with PTFE lubricant
  • Aramid fibre with PTFE corners
  • GFO PTFE and also graphite
  • GFO with aramid corners
  • Flax, cotton as well as greased hemp
  • Valve stem in graphite and also PTFE
  • Glass fibre
  • Ramie fibres
  • We also stock cutting kits and packing extractors
Spun aramid fibre gaskets

Spun aramid fibre impregnated with PTFE braided

Graphite PTFE gaskets

Graphite/PTFE with aramid corners reinforced

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