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Graphite Gaskets | Graphite Seals | Graphite O Rings

J A Harrison is a leading supplier of graphite gaskets, graphite seals and graphite o-rings

Our comprehensive range of graphite gaskets are one of the most widely used J A Harrison’s industrial products. Graphite gaskets which are well suited to processes that demand high‐performance at increased temperatures. In addition graphite seals and graphite o-rings held in stock.

There are several properties which make graphite suitable for high‐performance gaskets.

  • Graphite can handle both high and low temperatures, it's very durable in processes that operate across a wide temperature range.
  • Graphite is corrosion resistant at most temperature and pressures, and is not affected by pH changes.
  • Graphite has exceptional mechanical strength when used in gaskets and excellent resiliency.
  • Graphite is highly compressible
  • Graphite has low creep under pressure or temperature
  • Graphite has unlimited storage life

Graphite gaskets have become popular in many industries because of the advantages they have over other materials that were previously used in their place. Today graphite gaskets have almost replaced other alternatives such as iron, asbestos and metal. J A Harrison’s graphite gaskets are much more economical and efficient. Most popular of our graphite gaskets are stainless steel tang and foil inserts. These offer increased pressure capabilities and recovery. As a result, the gasket can be used in much heavier equipment and harsh conditions.


  • High & low temperatures
  • Aggressive media
  • Low bolt loads
  • Hot oil equipment
  • Heat exchangers  

Graphite gaskets are used in processes that include corrosive media like ammonia, hot water, high pressure vapours, ultra‐cool liquids and hydrocarbons. This makes them the top choice for heat exchangers, cooling towers and high pressure pipes. J A Harrison provides gaskets fully customized to your dimensional and mechanical requirements. Please contact our technical team to discuss your requirements.

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