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Cork gaskets and cork rubber sheet is used in most automotive and sealing applications. Additionally, in many applications it can outperform pure rubber and fibres because of its recovery properties. Cork rubber gaskets combines not only the compressibility and recovery characteristics of cork, but also the flexibility of rubber. Therefore it is excellent for sealing applications. Furthermore it has anti-vibration properties on cork rubber moulded parts.

The quality of cork rubber gaskets in industrial applications is superior to cork agglomerate or to rubber alone. Alongside press-cut gaskets, we have recently developed our products to include moulded components and also cork rubber, including 3 dimensional shapes. It has compressibility and recovery characteristics, in addition to the stability and resistance of rubber. Consequently this provides excellent sealing properties at temperatures of up to 180 ˚C.

Typical applications will include automotive, electrical power transformers, gas meters and electrical motors.

The main advantages are:
  • Damping at low frequencies
  • Very low water absorption
  • Low creep
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Retains properties throughout long maintenance free life
  • Easily installed on wet or dry surfaces
  • Wide range of pad, strip and also sheet sizes and thickness
  • Anti-vibration and noise control solutions
Cork gaskets

Cork possesses excellent vibration and isolation properties and is therefore an advantage in many industries. For example building, railways and industrial applications. In addition, it provides excellent anti vibration properties for heavy machinery equipment. For example pumps, compressors, turbines, lifts, refrigeration and other applications.

We can offer sheet or roll form, cut strip, plain, additionally self adhesive backed is available. JA Harrison also offers discs pads and gaskets. We provide several different grades dependent on application.

  • Cork/Nitrile – fuels and oils.
  • Cork/Neoprene – refrigeration.
  • Cork/Silicone – higher temperature applications.
  • Also available in a sponge format.

Our specification sheets are available in the product specifications section of the website, please contact us to find out more.

Huge stocks of cork gaskets and seals are held at Manchester with next day delivery available on most sizes.