Gaskets | Gasket Manufacturer

J A Harrison are a gasket manufacturer and offer the complete range of metallic and also non-metallic gaskets. The range includes materials from rubber and corks to non-asbestos fibre, spiral wound gaskets. Also ring joints in both standard and exotic metals, and more recently isolation gaskets.

Gasket materials are mostly available in large sheets of stock material or in finished basic products with standard dimensions and specifications. Although a large amount of products purchased are to standard table dimensions. There is a significant market in specialised manufacturing that require custom dimensions for their gaskets. For this reason, the gasket cutting facilities provided by J A Harrison are essential processes for many major industries in the UK. Being the leading supplier of gaskets, J A Harrison also provides complete gasket and also sealing solutions under one roof. Our efficient facilities make it possible to deliver your orders quickly and, most importantly precisely according to your requirements.