Metallic gaskets

J A Harrison – supplier of metallic gaskets, seals, o rings

We boast an enviable manufacturing of metallic gaskets heritage dating back to the foundation of the company in 1900. Today, we provide world class manufacturing of gaskets, seals and also sealing technology solutions. The products we use include stainless steel 304, 316 and also 321. We also use sot iron, armco, carbon steel and nickel. In addition to titanium, duplex and super duplex, inconel, brass, copper as well as tin. Designed to withstand extreme pressure, temperature and chemicals, therefore making them very versatile.

Furthermore, our products are supplied in various forms including sheet, strips or in the form of spiral wound and ring joints. In addition to Taylor Rings in brass Stainless or Cupro Nickel. We supply ring joints oval and octagonal in soft iron and also stainless steel. We have recently opened an operation in Cardiff specifically for the manufacture of turned metal parts, rollers drums and also special seals for ball valves and valve seats. Moreover, bespoke parts wheels and gears are all machined in house on our state of the art CNC machinery.

Additionally, specification sheets, material data and sizes are located in the product specification section of the website.

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Metallic gaskets

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