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We hold an extensive range of Flexoid and other oil and fuel resistant papers. In addition to a full selection of controlled swell materials suitable for paper gaskets. Flexoid gasket paper is a plasticised gelatine impregnated material. It is cellulose based and also has excellent oil and fuel resistance. However, not to be used with acids and alkalis or at high temperature. In addition we stock a range of controlled swell non asbestos material.

A combination of fibre and a rubber binder are specifically designed to seal against oils and fuels. However with reduced swell normally associated with other gasket materials. Additionally the material is tested in accordance with ASTM F-104 type 7 materials. Finally material is available from 5 thou thickness up to 1/8” and available in cut sheets and also roll x 1 metre wide.

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J A Harrison Datasheet – Flexoid Jointing