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Spiral Wound Gaskets have considerable mechanical strength and good recovery characteristics even under fluctuating loads. Providing an extremely effective seal over a wide range of operating conditions.

The spiral wound gasket element is precision formed using a ‘V’ shaped metallic winding strip, continually wound and incorporating an inner wound soft filler material. This construction helps maintain an effective seal at high fluctuating temperatures and pressures.

Type LDS (Low Density Soft Spiral Wound)

Manufactured identically to ‘Type LD’, plus the inclusion of a graphite facing to each side. Making the gasket especially suitable for difficult to seal applications where the surface of the flange isn’t perfectly smooth or the flange has been slightly damaged.
Unless specified, ‘Type SGIR’ gaskets are produced with Carbon Steel outer rings, Stainless Steel (SS316L) inner rings and Stainless Steel (SS316L) winding with a Graphite filler. Where custom sizes are required for your application, the manufacturing guidelines set out in the ASME B16.20 and EN 1514-2 standards are followed for production and marking.

Type LD (Low Density Spiral Wound)

 Type LD is a ‘Type R’ gasket wound with a lower density and designed as an alternative to sheet gaskets in Class 150 and 300 service. These gaskets have the inherent strength, resiliency and blowout resistance of spiral wound gaskets, yet require low bolt load for seating. They are manufactured with high purity graphite filler or a PTFE filler for optimum sealability, and are available for the full range of standard Class 150 and Class 300 flanges, as well as other non-standard low pressure flanges. 


Type SGIR includes inner and outer rings with the element component of the gasket for an additional compression limiting stop. For use with flat face and raised face flanges, Type SGIR features increased compressive force for blow-out prevention and is specified for high pressure/ temperature service or where corrosive or toxic media are present.
Type SGIR gaskets are manufactured with a 4.5mm thick sealing element and 3mm inner and outer rings. On larger gaskets, wider sealing elements can be offered with thicker inner and outer rings.

Type R

Type R is a sealing element only where controlled compression must be in the flange. Inner and outer diameters are reinforced with several plies of metal, without filler, to give greater stability and sealing. All other SWG’s (except Type R) have compression built into the gasket. The Type R gaskets are typically produced 3.2mm and 4.5mm thick. However, thicknesses up to 7.2mm can be manufactured to order.

Type SG

Type SG are produced with a sealing element and an outer ring.

Type RIR

Type RIR gaskets are produced with a sealing element and an inner ring.

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