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We stock a wide range of sponge rubber strips, gaskets, seals and other products

Sponge rubber gaskets, seals, strips and other products are used for applications where pressures and temperatures are in an average range and also chemical environments are mild. Most materials handle pressures up to 150 psi and temperatures from ‐60 ˚C up to 200 ˚C (dependent on grade). However it is important to note that in case of rubber gasket materials and PVC gasket materials, the pressure and temperature ratings do not change much with significant changes in thickness. Silicone and Viton are two variants that can handle high temperatures of 200 ˚C.

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J A Harrison Datasheet – A341 FR Closed Cell Expanded Polyethylene

J A Harrison Datasheet – DK1070 Expanded EPDM Sponge Rubber