Textiles for boiler and high temperature applications

Ladder tapes, glass and Ceramic Webbing

We carry the complete range of textiles for all boiler and high temperature applications. These include:

  • Glass and Ceramic Webbing and ladder tapes
  • Also available with an Inconel wire reinforcement
  • Glass and ceramic rope Lagging
  • Glass and Ceramic Twisted Yarn
  • Both Square and Round glass and ceramic Plaited Packing
  • Also available with Inconel wire reinforcement
  • Glass Cloth with or without wire
  • Ceramic Cloth with or without wire
  • Silicone coated Glass Cloth
Textile gaskets

We manufacture flexible fabric connectors and compensators for most applications including the cement building and insulation industries. Both lightweight and flexible supplied either with cuffed or flanged ends. Also we are able to supply all of the above with reinforcement rods wire mesh insert or aluminium backed for greater insulation.

  • We also manufacture Stitched Fabric Bellow and Gaiters and Compensators
  • Produced to be resilient to high temperature and also chemical resistant
  • Silicone Viton Hypalon and Butlye coated fabrics available
  • Normally sewn in Kevlar or a ptfe glass fibre thread
  • Higher temperature applications we also sew in Stainless Steel

Bellows can be supplied in one piece or in split and resealable forms using a zip Velcro or press studs. In addition temperature range normally -60 degrees c to 250 degrees c, but also we use Silica products that can increase that range up to 800 degrees c.

J A Harrison Datasheet-Ceramic Braided Packing

J A Harrison Datasheet-Ceramic Fibre Filled Rope Lagging

J A Harrison Datasheet-Glass Fibre Tapes