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J A Harrison is the leading provider of gaskets and sealing solutions in the UK. With an extensive range of gasket materials available from stock, we provide our customers with services from material selection, advice on installation techniques, and after‐sales service. Key to all of this is our gasket cutting service. We offer a superior gasket cutting service for our customers. Our dedicated staff and range of machines, utilising the latest technology and equipment are a great resource that many industries use for obtaining customized products for their sealing needs.

Gasket materials are mostly available in large sheets of stock material or in finished basic products with standard dimensions and specifications. Although a large amount of products purchased are to standard table dimensions, there is a significant market in specialised manufacturing that require custom dimensions for their gaskets.

For this reason, the gasket cutting facilities provided by J A Harrison are essential processes for many major industries in the UK. Being the leading supplier of gaskets as well, J A Harrison provides complete gasket and sealing solutions under one roof. Our efficient facilities make it possible to deliver your orders quickly and precisely according to your requirements.

The technologies at our gasket cutting service are outlined below.

Die cutting

This is a very popular method for cutting gaskets from soft material in sheet or roll forms. A hydraulic press is used to force a strip steel tool through the material.

This tool can be shaped according to your requirements. The process allows large batches of material to be cut swiftly at low cost. The hydraulic press can stamp through material fast enough to allow several hundred gaskets to be cut each day.

Oscillating‐knife cutting

A very cost‐effective solution for making prototypes or producing small scale orders. The process involves cutting material using a computer programmed machine. The machine uses a collection of sharp blades to carve the material into the required dimensions.

This process gives a high level of accuracy and saves the cost of tooling for small orders.

Water‐jet cutting

A very recent method, this technology uses a fine stream of fluid to shape gaskets. The fluid consists primarily of water which is mixed with an abrasive substance just before being released. The water is compressed to pressures of 4000 bar and then released through specially designed nozzles.

This process is highly accurate and has numerous advantages over other methods. It saves costs on tooling, saves material from distortion and discolouration and makes it possible to have tight radius cuts without error. This technology can be used to cut any material from paper to metal and ceramics.

Log cutting and strip‐cutting

Our log cutting facility enables large width gasket material rolls to be cut into smaller width rolls without the need to un‐roll the sheet. Strip‐cutting is a process that achieves the same target, but involves un‐rolling the sheet and then stripping it into sections of lesser width.

The company maintains constant communication with the client to keep them updated on the progress of their order. This helps you maintain your schedule better and in case of any rare delays, help you make appropriate adjustments. However, your order will be delivered to you on time thanks to the state‐of‐the‐art equipment.

Gasket cutting service

Cut gaskets can be packed to customer specification or you can rely on us to pack and deliver items in a manner that ensures they arrive on time and as they left our factory. In addition we offer a plain label service so that goods can be shipped direct to your customer with no trace of where they have come from. In certain circumstances customers issue us with their delivery notes to aid the process.