Technical support

J A Harrison offers our customers free technical gasket advice. We aim to provide customers with independent, unbiased and professional advice for their gasket and sealing needs. J A Harrison began serving the UK for its gasket needs in the 1900s. Our experience of over a century makes us one of the most knowledgeable and practical companies in the industry. The technical gasket advice team has helped numerous well known industries start successful operations and subsequently make possible so many familiar products that we use every day.

Gaskets are the hidden support in both industrial and domestic machinery. Without the correct gasket materials, optimum design and professional fitting, none of today’s great appliances would work. However, the selection, designing and fitting of gaskets is overlooked. In addition, gaskets are fitted and forgotten and very rarely checked for maintenance. This can result in severe consequences. A faulty gasket can cause a whole mechanical unit to stop functioning.

Consequences of gasket ignorance in industries can be much more severe. A faulty gasket in equipment like large boilers and oil refinery equipment can cause severe damage that may have serious financial, environmental and even human consequences. Due to the fact that gaskets are seldom checked for maintenance and that gasket loss has serious effects, it is all the more important to have professional and experienced advice on gaskets.

J A Harrison’s technical gasket advice team provides an independent consultancy and advisory service to a wide range of industries and to both large and small businesses. Our experienced team offer unbiased technical support during every stage of your design, manufacturing and testing processes. With our extensive resources, we provide practical services as well. This includes:

  • Assisting in gasket material selection using actual material samples to provide better understanding
  • Making gasket prototypes using our state‐of‐the‐art gasket cutting facilities to have tangible examples
  • Testing gasket prototypes in real‐life conditions for reliable technical data
  • Analysis of testing and determining final course of action for gasket selection and design

By consulting our technical gasket advice team, your plant and machinery will be much safer, reliable, durable and efficient. Our resources are just the tools you need to make this possible.

J A Harrison has the experience to provide technical gasket advice to a wide range of industries, across a varied range of processes. We about your success, and want to make sure that we help you achieve your goals.