Glass lined vessel gaskets

Here at J A Harrison, we produce sealing solutions for glass lined pipework and glass lined vessels within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Multi-seal is a gasket material that is a soft compressible material. It will give an even surface pressure to the glass surfaces (which are usually uneven flanges). It is also a chemically resistant gasket material that is utilised as a filler material in PTFE envelopes and metal-jacketed gaskets. For the chemical and pharmaceutical industries who use glass lined vessels every day, production rates and quality demand crack free vessels. Multi-Seal is the gasket designed especially for glass-lined vessels, creating the tightest seals with added crack protection.

The key is the unique combination of materials. A PTFE envelope creates a water and chemical resistant shield that protects two Multi-Seal compressed fibre inserts. With the added rigidity of stainless steel, the gasket delivers the perfect balance of seal strength, crack protection and chemical resistance. Our glass lined vessel gaskets are intended for applications with maximum continuous operating temperatures up to 260 ˚C (500 ˚F).

JA Harrison’s GLVG’S are made up of 3 components, 2 x Multi-Seal inserts which are placed either side of a 1.5mm stainless steel corrugated ring (this prevents the gasket from being blown out) and are then enclosed by a PTFE envelope which has a high chemical resistance, which protects the Multi-seal inserts, and this allows the gasket assembly to work up to a temperature of 260 Degrees C. All 3 components parts are manufactured at our Manchester site which allows us to react to emergencies that occur on site.

Bull nose GLVG

2 x Multi-seal inserts
1 x Stainless steel corrugated insert
1 x Bull nose PTFE or modified PTFE envelope with 3mm diffusion stop and
0.5 mm wall thickness

Protection sleeves

For the sealing area which has had the glass damaged and could cause a corrosion risk, we can offer a dry fit protection sleeve, which is quick and easy to fit and will cause minimum down time.

A seal is created from the 3 fins at the base of the sleeve and can be manufactured for all DIN and ANSI standard nozzles. It can manufactured as standard round or as an oval protection sleeve for oval manhole covers. The sleeve will cover the area that is damaged and then offer the flange protection from the product. The gasket assembly built into the sleeve it allows the same tightening torque settings to be used.

When the glass is damaged, this will protect the vessel from corrosive damage.
Available from DN50 to DN1200 sizes.

For large flange which have uneven flanges JA Harrison offer gasket putty (AD3). This is inserted in between the Multi-seal insert and the stainless-steel corrugated ring.

For all your sealing requirements on glass lined flanges, please download our Glass lined vessel gasket brochure for all types of flanges and chemicals or contact us
J A Harrison – Glass Lined Vessel Gasket

J A Harrison – Glass Lined Vessel Gaskets