Glass lined vessel gaskets

Multi-Seal is a highly compressible, chemically resistant gasket material that is utilised as a filler material in PTFE envelopes and metal-jacketed gaskets. For the chemical and pharmaceutical industries who use glass lined vessels every day, production rates and quality demand crack free vessels. Multi-Seal is the gasket designed especially for glass-lined vessels, creating the tightest seals with added crack protection.

The key is the unique combination of materials. A PTFE envelope creates a water and chemical resistant shield that protects two Multi-Seal compressed fibre inserts. With the added rigidity of stainless steel, the gasket delivers the perfect balance of seal strength, crack protection and chemical resistance. Our glass lined vessel gaskets are intended for applications with maximum continuous operating temperatures up to 260 ˚C (500 ˚F).

J A Harrison – Glass Lined Vessel Gasket

J A Harrison – Glass Lined Vessel Gaskets