J A Harrison – a world class sealing solution company

Manufacturer and supplier of gaskets, seals, o rings, gland packings, PTFE and plastic components

Gasket manufacturer

A world class manufacturer of gaskets, manufacturing seals and sealing technology solutions to companies and OEM’s worldwide, spanning many specialist industry sectors. In addition J A Harrison boast an enviable manufacturer heritage dating back to the foundation of the company in 1900. Our products include seals, gland packing, PTFE products, industrial textiles, bellows, compensators, flexible connections. In addition rubber sheets, mouldings and extrusions, corrugated gaskets, glass lined vessels, mechanical seals, o rings, boiler spares and Allied products.

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Gaskets and seals

J A Harrison provide the complete range of metallic and non-metallic gaskets, including materials from rubber, corks, non-asbestos fibre and spiral wound. In addition to ring joints in both standard and exotic metals, and more recently isolation.

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O rings

To suit pumps valves and pneumatic applications in all grades of rubber, fluoropolymers, metal, plastics and also PTFE. In addition, we specialise in the manufacture of non-standard o rings in small and large batches.

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Gland packing

We supply the complete range of gland packing including pure PTFE, graphite, aramid and glass, covering applications from temperature and pressure, meeting the demands of chemical and food industries.

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Bellows, compensators and flexible connections

Bellows are moulded and fabricated to customer specification in rubber or textile. Compensators are manufactured in-house with an emphasis on the cement and chemical industries.

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PTFE products and machined plastics

Our in-house facility produces PTFE, from base powder to sheets, tubes as well as billets, machined and cut to bespoke specification. We provide testing and design working with our customers, ensuring efficient components including, valve seats, lantern rings and PTFE envelopes.

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Rubber sheets, mouldings and extrusions

We carry the full range of rubber materials available in sheet strip moulded and also extruded forms. In addition, shelf life are closely monitored to provide a complete range of polymers used in the industry.

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Corrugated gaskets and glass lined vessels

We are the home of the Taylor Ring, providing the complete range, including, stainless steel soft iron cupro – nickel, and many more exotic steels used in industry. Coupled with the composite combined with inert and soft inserts, covered in a PTFE protective sleeve or envelope, providing a soft and safe seal for glass lined vessels.

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Metal machining

In our facility in Cardiff we provide a full range of machined metals. We work to samples and reverse engineer, alternatively to customer drawings, assisting in designing and drawing of new components where required.

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We carry all leading brands of non-asbestos fibre, backed by our own approved range of jointing.

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Specialised PTFE components

Our CNC machining department produce all your requirements in PTFE.

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Technical and engineering services

We provide a 24-hour breakdown service, additionally a design and modification service on our products.

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