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The TEADIT® wide range of fluid sealing solutions includes expanded PTFE in form of sheets, tapes and gaskets, restructured PTFE sheets, braided packings, non-asbestos fibre sheets, graphite sheets, metallic and non-metallic gaskets, ring joints, high-tech yarns, expansion joints, industrial fabrics and other speciality products. TEADIT® products are distributed in more than 70 countries on five continents. This applies to refining, chemical processing, power generation and many other industries.

The name TEADIT® was first used in Austria in 1963, associated with PTFE products. The name received further recognition when TEADIT® International was acquired by the TEADIT® Group in 1989, establishing the name as a global brand. During the last decades, TEADIT® has been gaining increasing recognition in the fluid sealing industry, by focusing on technical expertise, high service levels and global presence, becoming one of the major suppliers for industrial sealing applications worldwide.

Today, the TEADIT® Group of companies operates on more than 70.000 square metres of production area, laboratories, office and warehouse space, employing more than 1.200 dedicated staff worldwide. In Europe, TEADIT® has facilities in Kufstein, Austria and Cologne, Germany. Worldwide we are located in North and South America, as well as Asia. Teadit® North America is situated in Houston, Texas. In South America, we have various sites, Rio de Janeiro and Campinas, both in Brazil, are the main ones. We also have branches in Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca, both in Argentina. Our branches in Asia are located in Vadodara , India, and in Shanghai, China.

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