J A Harrison operates and maintains the industry’s most rigorous health and safety policies within its facilities. The strong commitment to quality has always been linked to customer demands, and these demands have been the consistent driving force behind all the strategic planning and achievements so far. By nature, the quality of all gaskets and seals have a strong link to safety and performance.

J A Harrison – Achilles Community Certificate 2022

J A Harrison – CE 728631 Certificate

J A Harrison – ISO 9001 Certificate

J A Harrison – ISO 14001 Certificate

J A Harrison – ISO 45001 Certificate

J A Harrison – JOSCAR Certificate

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J.A. Harrison is one of the founder members of the Gasket Cutters Association. Founded in 1983 in Leicester the association celebrated its silver anniversary in 2019.

Now operating under the UK Gasket & Sealing Association it is a trade association representing the specialised interests of companies engaged in the conversion of material into gaskets and seals for all types of industrial and domestic use.

The aim of the association is to ensure all its member use best practise and ensure the quality and integrity of their gaskets. Made up of both cutters and material suppliers its aim is to provide the best possible materials for each different application that arises. To also provide a networking framework for cutters and prospective and existing customers alike

One of the founding members, Keith Shepherd, director of J A Harrison & Co Ltd, said: “Initially I was attracted by the concept of dealing with and learning from other gasket cutters; it was hoped that members could work together to reduce prices with suppliers. 25 years on, companies who have remained members continue to learn from networking with other gasket cutters and have gained many long term friendships too”.